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Market Research with a twist for bold & brazen CEOs

Launch, expand, or pivot with offers and content your dream clients actually want

Market research gives you the operating manual for your business - it literally writes the book on your dream clients so when it comes time to make big business decisions, you’ve got a step-by-step roadmap that leads to stand-out offers, content that converts leads to clients, and copy that has your audience saying “holy SH*T, it’s like she’s in my head”

Your business is too important to leave its success up to chance and guessing

ciao, ciao 

I'm Lindsay!

Here’s the truth...

I'm a self proclaimed “bad MBA.”

I soaked up all the juicy knowledge about proven strategies & building a strong business foundation and flipped a middle finger to the rest of the B.S. that just felt gross. You know - the kind of toxic rhetoric that has us overworking, underpaying, and detaching from the things that make us MAGIC.

Through years of consulting for small and large businesses alike, I honed what I found to be THE most powerful tool in creating successful launches, pivots, and growth strategies…Market Research. Now, I’m on a mission to help every woman in business master this million-dollar skill so she can build a successful, client-centered business that’s built to last. 

fall in love with market research 🥳

Done-With-You Market Research

For the scaling entrepreneur who's ready to roll up her sleeves and tackle the market research herself, but wants a coach in her corner to guide & support the execution and implementation from start to finish.

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Done-for-You Market Research

Perfect for busy 6-figure entrepreneurs who are planning a pivot, big launch, or rebrand and are ready to outsource the market research magic to experienced researchers.

do it for me

No matter the situation, [Lindsay has] taught me to honor myself in what I do by always staying true and authentic to me. I thought being a successful coach entrepreneur meant long days, stress and pushing sales in gross ways while not loving every moment. The biggest "win" has been learning that my coaching business can truly be what I dream it to be while honoring the things I love outside of it. [Lindsay] taught me that at any moment, I can make a call or change direction and not feel bad about it. That I can spend just 3 hours a week working in my business and still be just as successful as another coach who works 20+ hours a week. I can charge my worth and not be afraid! Most importantly, [she] helped me connect to my confidence as a coach and for that I am forever thankful.

My biggest win from working [with lindsay] was redefining what a powerful entrepreneur truly is

Valeria Garcia, Nourished by Valeria

I've been kinda, sorta DIY-ing my business since starting it because I was avoiding 1:1 investments. I was tired of not getting the clarity I've been dying for. [Working with Lindsay gave me] the clarity and confidence I've been searching for in my business. It's made creating offers based on market research, showing up with confidence, and creating a community of humans that need what I offer so much easier. Thank you, Lindsay!!!

Lindsay was the answer to my struggle and helped me SO much

Becca Rich, The Holistic Time Coach

My biggest win is having a super clear vision for what all of the different offers I want to build and how they all work together to form a cohesive suite. Before, I just really didn't know what I was doing or how to proceed & now I know exactly what I need to be doing every day to be successful. Not only that, I have the next 4 months completely mapped out so that I am completely secure in knowing that I am in control of my business!

Lindsay's coaching has completely changed the trajectory of my business

Haley Stephenson, Gyst Planning Coach

hot take

hot take

They’ve got every answer to your big sales & marketing questions. The problem? Too many CEOs forget to ask them. You want to run a client-centered business? Start talking to your dream clients.

If you’re not doing market research, you’re ignoring your dream client!


average spend of total revenue dedicated to market research in US


average return on investment from market research in the US


reason businesses fail is because there is no market need

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Because once you’re in, you’re hooked on market research for liiiife

Here’s a real life example of a 5x Forza Fam Buyer (and once you join, you’ll be part of the Forza Fam, too)

Book a Market Like A Mind Reader Call

Get a taste of what your marketing & sales could look like with a healthy dose of laughs as we hang over video chat and assess your biz.

Get your mini-MBA in Market Research

Go from DIY-ing everything to having a marketing expert in your corner. I don’t shy away from spilling all my MBA knowledge & corporate secrets so you can build your business on scalable foundations (I paid a small fortune on my training so you don’t have to).

Add a little bit of *spice* 

Magic happens in the verbal processing & workshopping stage. If you’re sick of going at this whole “CEO” thing alone, add Voxer to your done-with-you support package and get a pocket-sized MBA as your new fave team member. 

Bring Market Research to YOUR Community

If you help entrepreneurs grow their business, your clients *need* to know market research! I can build a custom course for your program, contract my DFY or coaching services for your high-ticket clients, or guest train your community so YOU get the glory without stepping out of your zone of genius, and THEY get kickass results.

Get The Marketing Spa-Treatment & relax

You’re growing FAST. You’re ready to expand your biz and need a product & marketing strategy worthy of multi-6 figures and beyond. The Forza team will take over the market research process & help you turn data into dollars with a full 360 degree marketing plan informed by your dream client.

Innovate your offer-suite

Turning data into dollars means building innovative offers with your new, shiny research! I have custom packages available for the high-level entrepreneur who wants help building new offers from scratch & injecting mold-breaking customer experiences into the fabric of her biz.


italian; strength or power

Born from the idea that as women CEOs, we have the capacity to use our authority to improve lives, influence change, and conquer new challenges, regardless of the obstacles we face. As individuals, we are strong - as a collective, we’re unstoppable.

origin of the phrase:

identify your unique market research strategy that’ll have you marketing like a mind reader

enter the experience

hey ceo!

hey ceo!

enter the experience

identify your unique market research strategy that’ll have you marketing like a mind reader