Want to bring market research to YOUR audience? I tailor my trainings and presentations to your course, program, or community so that it fits in seamlessly and sets your clients up for major success.

here are my areas of expertise

Innovative offer creation

What market research is & why it’s a MUST HAVE for successful CEOs

How to use market research to build offers and create content your audience wants

How to scale a client-centered business with data

Data-driven marketing

let's create magic together

Podcasting/Guest Blogging

I’ve never met a mic that I didn’t love 🥳 I thrive on supporting high-powered CEOs and scaling entrepreneurs by speaking on all things offer creation and marketing. 

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Looking to take your retreat, summit, or event to the next level by giving your audience access to the juiciest, advanced marketing strategies you can? I’d love to share my expertise with your community! Book me for a presentation, and I’ll work with you to ensure it’s a perfect fit for your audience & event!

paid speaking - let me educate your audience

let me educate your audience

Paid Speaking

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I’ve loved working with other CEOs to bring innovation and deep learning to their unique group programs through guest training. I can create a course module, a live presentation, or work up something completely custom to you that you can infuse as a staple of your program. Your clients will get access to MBA-level market research knowledge without having to look elsewhere for support. 

If you’re looking to create a luxury client experience and give your audience everything they need in one place, this is the perfect support option. Want to ideate the best way to collaborate? Drop a line below! 

Want a taste of what this could look like in your biz? Listen to Sara from Solo Boss Design Co. share her experience hiring me to train in her Brand Like A Boss course!

guest trainings

“Hire Lindsay! Just do it. You’re gonna learn so much for yourself, and it’s going to take your program to a whole other level by making it extremely practical and concrete for your audience! It brings the whole idea of turning guesswork into knowledge to life. It’s such a vital piece to go from someone who is pretending and talking about being a business owner to someone who is a full-on entrepreneur who knows exactly what they are doing.” 

Contract my done-for-you market research support for your service packages

Build a custom market research course for your clients

Train your team to master market research at the MBA level

Build custom workbooks or training materials

Something else wild & exciting!

Hear from Jordan from J. Ashley Innovations to see how she and I worked together to level-up her luxury bespoke brand and web design packages with market research. 

Got something bigger in mind? I’m ALL ears (in case you haven’t noticed, bold ideas are kinda my thing). 

There are SO many ways market research can be infused into your business. If you’ve got an idea to build a new offer or incorporate my market research agency or training services into your client-centered process, let’s talk! 

Here are a few examples of ways we can collaborate:


This is an amazing option for service providers who help entrepreneurs grow their business, like...


"She didn’t just create what she thought I needed. She really took the time to get to know what I needed, what my clients needed, and the kind of support they were looking for to figure out not just how to build the course, but what kind of support outside of the course was going to be best - whether they needed 1:1 support along with the course, upgrade options, etc. She truly took the time to figure out what was going to serve my clients best, and that meant the world to me"

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