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the more we know, the stronger we are

As a mentor, it’s not just about your business [I care about]. The more I know your personal brand, the better I can amplify that within your marketing and sales process, which ultimately curates an amazing business. Natasha Zoryk I had Natasha on as one of my very first guests because of her innovative way […]

Ep. 3 – Community Building as a Sales Superpower (ft. Natasha Zoryk)

Natasha Zoryk, 7 figure business mentor, talks all about how community building helps her make effortless sales

The only way to fuel a community is to inspire them to connect with each other – the hardest part is incentivizing and inspiring people to take action when you’re NOT there. Amanda Kolbye In episode 2, I catch up with the legendary @Amanda.Kolbye of one of the most recognizable brands in the coaching industry, […]

Ep 2 – How data-driven decisions can disrupt your industry (ft. Amanda Kolbye)

If you’ve heard the phrase “market research” thrown around the business space and feel like you’re the only one who has no idea what it is, I wanna squash that feeling right now. You’re NOT the only one.  In fact, I’ve found that SO many entrepreneurs, both seasoned and new, struggle to truly grasp what […]

What the hell is market research? (And why you need to be doing it, like, yesterday).

Market Research 101: What is market research and why do you need it in your business?